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The knight general blasting derailed brother James defending for fear of trouble frequency resistance foot sent assists! The Xiangpoterang stayed to see the Tencent in September 17th according to the sports news gossip media reports, a woman exposed years she and Knight will provide me the sweet Alpert, ambiguous chats and private photos. The woman is revealed, in the days of Taylor, pregnant (sweet Alpert fiancee), two people are still having an affair. According to this sweet Alpert burst was derailed woman broke, and her sweet Alpert in early 2008 met two people, is the relationship between male and female friends in college. "We’ve known each other since we were 18 years old, and I know him better than anyone else." The woman said, "I was his first love, and his friends knew it. Today, we still have a lot of friends." The woman said she and sweet Alpert skelter, the relationship lasted a full 8 years. The last two relationship is when sweet Alpert fiancee Taylor day, 6 months pregnant. "Sweet Alpert took me to his new house." The woman continued, "after that, our relationship is over. Because I already know Taylor sweet Alpert know the news of pregnancy." Later, the woman also issued before her and sweet Alpert chats, the content is very ambiguous explicit. The most convincing evidence is that her unique number of intimate photo with sweet amber, foot visible two unusual. "He used to be my sweetheart. Our relationship was very close." The woman said. To cheat oneself fiancee broke, incense Alpert denied initially. But after the official contact with the media, incense Alpert did not deny, but they do not take these threats reported evidence of cheating. From the current point of view, incense Alpert derailed fact should exist, but also a trouble which is caused by him in the summer. Earlier in August, sweet Alpert was reported in the media was arrested for drunk driving problem. The knight official confirmed the news, special sweet amber could face additional penalties suspended. The knight players not only sweet Alpert headache. The first is J-R- Smith, his contract extension from July until September, and in two weeks, the team’s training camp will be opened. Then is the latest Tristan – Thompson, he and Kohler Kardashian talked about love, but also to meet the parents point. As everyone knows, the family of Kardashian Thompson and Kohler coo, notorious repute, people can not help but worry about him in the new season of the play, see Odom and James knew early in the season. James said in an interview before, in order to achieve the title, the Cavaliers have to be fully prepared. But now, his younger brother one after another to "make things", James’s defending plans will be affected considerably. (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: