The National Day holiday traffic congestion area full of nearly 600 million people are still noiseware

The National Day holiday traffic congestion area full of   nearly 600 million people are still enthusiastic travel – Shaanxi Channel – original title: National Day holiday traffic congestion area of nearly 600 million people still travel full of enthusiasm   the National Day holiday this year, haze plus rainfall, cool weather and holiday on both high-speed road congestion, people’s enthusiasm for travel is still not less, many scenic spots full of visitors. According to statistics, during the national day, the country received a total of 593 million tourists, tourism revenue of $482 billion 200 million. Experts said that the golden week represented by the high growth of the tourism industry is the most intuitive performance of reform and opening up. The weather during the suck haze and rain cool day, weather "extremely complex," 7 days "is not showing good face". The first is the first three days of haze, then the mid late cold and hot, rainy and cool. According to China Weather Network reported that from 6 onwards, a new cold air began to affect most of the northern part of China, there are more obvious cooling and rainfall. Expected, 8, the cold air forces unabated, the north will be more than half a year to create a new low temperature, and accompanied by 4-6 wind. 8, Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, the maximum temperature of 7-10 degrees, will be the lowest value in the second half. Changchun’s minimum temperature will fall below 0 C for the first time. In the south, most of the southwest, the eastern part of the Yangtze River, the eastern part of the Yangtze River and more rainfall, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, some local heavy rain or heavy rain. Therefore, in addition to overcome the work after the holiday syndrome, but also to prevent freezing. The traffic is not smooth filling blocking ways? Condition National Day holiday highway traffic situation is not optimistic. October 1st and October 5th, 6, the city of the city out of the city, the city road congestion. Due to return ahead of time to 5 days, 6 days, rainfall and other factors influence, plus 7 days, most of the country’s highways and city return traffic declined, and not a large congestion. The morning of October 1st, the people of Beijing Wang Yiming took his family to travel by car, the wide high-speed to Inner Mongolia Chifeng City, 6 in the morning, with more than 5 hours before hard "moved out" the city of Beijing, Beijing to Chifeng in just over 5 hours, this time he opened 9 hours. Fear of traffic jam, early departure, I did not expect to start early also blocked. We all expect traffic jam, all started early, but the traffic jam ahead of time. After traveling to say what is not in the long holiday period, as slow as a snail’s speed blocking heart!" Wang Yiming told China Network reporter. The National Day holiday, the return peak in advance to 5, 6. Described by the media on the evening of 6 about 8 of the Beijing high-speed Beijing direction of the road, "a row of lights is decorated, a few kilometres high shine, can be called the most beautiful night." The more the media reporter personally experience from Jinghagaosu Beijing?: from the Anshan speed, less than more than and 600 kilometers traveled 11 hours to Beijing, usually 4-5 hours to beijing. Reporters combed found that during the holiday highway traffic jams, in addition to the toll free access to lead more vehicles, as well as the driver is not civilized open相关的主题文章: