The national day of Haikou thorough investigation of all types of illegal transportation security or truffe

The national day of Haikou thorough investigation of all types of illegal transportation security order — Hainan windows — original title: Haikou during the national day thorough investigation of all types of illegal transportation security and good order of different Taxi Business Daily reporters from Haikou city traffic law enforcement detachment learned that during the National Day this year, the detachment of law enforcement officers dispatched 170 every day, with the the traffic hub and the surrounding as the focus, thorough investigation of all kinds of illegal operations, effectively protect the public safe travel and return. It is understood that the detachment during the National Day Duocuobingju, strengthen the nine traffic hub passenger flow distribution and mangrove area supervision and inspection efforts to investigate all kinds of violations, traffic flow, to maintain traffic order, the seven day holiday has dispatched law enforcement forces 1200 people, law enforcement vehicles 150 times, check all kinds of transport vehicles more than 6 thousand times, the admissibility of complaints 26, drive passenger electric bicycle driving more than 2 thousand motorcycles, passenger tricycle driving more than and 70 motorcycles, lakezai more than and 700 people, investigate all kinds of violations in 40 cases, of which 26 cases of illegal passenger electric bicycle, car class line according to site visitors in 4 cases, 8 cases of illegal taxi operations, offsite taxi illegal operation of 2 cases the traffic police, transferred to processing Hou passengers 20 electric bicycle. At the same time to stop and persuade many uncivilized behavior, Haikou Meilan Airport, train station and bus station 6 taxi driver does not require the warning education channel 29 dress, not by the order of the queue waiting for customers since 1, did not show the empty lamp 4, correct driver bargaining 3, timely stop to load 1. During the festival of Haikou airport, train station, bus stations, ports and other key areas and scenic spots in the traffic environment in good order, illegal operations, effective control of key industries, taxi, bus passenger transport, passenger travel and transport of dangerous goods does not transport safety, order of the overall smooth and orderly traffic environment. (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: