The pure literary journals Youth Literature published in October douke

The pure literary journals in October "Youth Literature" published in October "Youth Literature" published in Beijing Publishing Group held a ceremony in October 25th. "October" is a famous large-scale literary journal brand, October "Youth Literature" will uphold the "October" pure literary character in narrative works, novels mainly cultivate children’s literature original new forces, to fill the gaps in our children’s literature periodical. "We want to do an ambitious, have to play, have the quality of children’s literature magazine, pure literature" October juvenile literature "is a landmark magazine." The famous writer of children’s literature, October "Youth Literature" magazine editor Cao Wenxuan said, how to determine which books are good, to form a jury to check, and sure the jury composed of not only children, but also parents and experts. In October, the juvenile literature should strive to become a magazine which can stand the scrutiny of the grand jury, and cultivate the fine reading interest. It is reported that all media publication is a major feature of "Youth Literature" magazine in October, in addition to paper periodicals, Journal of WeChat platform "small October OctoberKids" in its day synchronized on-line. Small October WeChat to audio, video, animation and other ways to publish content, interact with the paper journals, three-dimensional mobile Internet era to create children’s literature brand. During the "Beijing October monthly literary magazine will also open", "ten hundred school masters into the campus literature" series of activities of the big screen, October 30th, will be held October "Youth Literature" experience center public day activities in October the Institute headquarters.相关的主题文章: