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The same treatment will take Shanxi technical school students college students 2 in 7 aspects in the future, the Shanxi Provincial Department of human resources and social issues related to the implementation of college graduates mechanic treatment made arrangements to determine the starting point in the competition for jobs, wages, assessment of 7 titles, counterparts, college graduates mechanic will enjoy the same treatment in secondary school graduates of the corresponding. In the future, in the relevant personnel and labor and social security business management and transaction handling, graduation certificate holders of middle class mechanic colleges, and get the corresponding occupation (jobs) intermediate skills (level Four) occupation qualification certificate, to graduate equally with ordinary secondary school graduation certificate; to hold senior technical schools working class, and get the corresponding occupation (jobs) advanced skills (level three) occupation qualification certificate, with higher education college graduates equally similar; graduation certificate holders of Mechanic College technician preparatory classes, and obtain the corresponding occupation (jobs) preliminary technician qualification certificate, with the same similar professional bachelor degree in higher education graduates equally. Enjoy the same treatment, mainly to complete the formalities flow — personnel in 7 aspects, calculation of personnel archives agency services, to participate in the work to determine the time and length of service; the province to participate in all kinds of enterprises and institutions at all levels (position setting laws and regulations provisions, from its provisions) open recruitment registration, qualification of colleges and universities, counterparts; a separate entrance examination enrollment and admission; employer tactics (recruits) management, personnel procedures starting point salary determination, wage competition with internal job units and positions determined; in qualification, professional titles evaluation class level occupation qualification examination registration, qualification examination, in accordance with the provisions in the employer at the beginning of a professional and technical positions, declaration of promotion of professional and technical qualification review and graduate students according to school; "Regulations" recruit non commissioned officers work directly from non military departments, approved the army for the first time by the title of Salary starting point standards; the implementation of national policies to support employment and Entrepreneurship of college graduates, college graduates employment, the implementation of training, occupation training, entrepreneurial loans and other entrepreneurial support and preferential policies, and government purchase of public services and grassroots volunteer service western plan other related policies. (source: Shanxi evening news reporter Wang Bin)相关的主题文章: