The secret of another I find the world the same year with the students is not easy for people to Bei

The secret of "another" I find the world the same year with the people is not easy – Beijing     Beijing in September 22,   every day, it will increase 370 thousand people on earth. Many people have thought, who was born the same year on the same day the people on how to live life, produced by Iqiyi, Yang Fan studios produced the first domestic global motorcycle trip show new version of "another me in the world?" is the season in Europe, answer answers within the variety reality show. After the filming of the last season, Yang Fan suffered a serious car accident, accompanied by his years of motorcycle completely burned. In August 2015, he was a result of an accident leading to the right arm spiral fracture. Car damage, and did not stop him to continue to look for the coolest youth". The average daily world born population reached 370 thousand, but in the same year to find the "students" are not simple. Before the new version of the film is to find the European version of the "I", Yang Fan spent 2 months. "I find another ninety percent is through the network, Yang Fan and the team through social software search were born on the same day; the use of search software search keywords for birthday; published news in foreign newspapers, television and other media. Due to the European Internet privacy is very important, it is difficult to find someone to increase. "We leave a message on some social networking sites, and the one hundred one has a reply. We also try to search the birthday, the search is basically a celebrity, this is an actress found in spain." Yang Fan said. The new season of "Yang Fan" in Europe, from France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium 12, to find another me 16 of the same birth in October 5, 1990 "". There are entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, new immigrants and foreign students, each story shows the diversity of youth in the world. It is not easy to build trust with strangers in the way of finding me. Yang Fan’s method is to choose the first time to meet someone. "We will be the first team to go together, the atmosphere is more intense, so later I met with the hero for the first time, I went alone, we first make friends." On the Internet to find another "I" will be a variety of accidents, fifth on the Italy Sicily boy, Yang Fan with him before and English mail contact, that his English is very good, only know that he met all rely on Google translate, English can’t communicate. Yang Fan also encountered temporary placed dove, second, Lori a half blood beauty to help him find a Syria battlefield war reporter, originally said to the video connections to meet each other, but ultimately chose to give up. Yang Fan also had to find a India version of the other me, but in the face of the plane that moment, the other told to go to work in Dubai, leading to all the planning and investment of the cancellation of the Yang Fan team. Despite the difficulties, accidents, but did not waver in the persistence of this search Yang Fan insisted. Yang Fan said that he had taken the "another me" on the body is played.相关的主题文章: