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The show does not wear a suit to go – Sohu car to participate in the show’s audience, are our target customers." Can let the president of Lamborghini is also the only pebble beach show. All over the world every year size show countless, but almost no show what can cover the pebble beach show limelight. It can be said that the pebble beach show is one of the world’s most style show. (and do not say car, said the audience, in the pebble beach show the audience are dressed like the arrow up arrow lady with chic hat, men with a Panama hat. You feel ~) (with a Panama hat are the audience, with a baseball cap is a reporter……) The pebble beach show very high starting point. 1 years, some of the rich car in order to be able to gather together to enjoy the taste, his collection of cars in the United States, California Pebble Beach held a small party. At that time, there are only more than and 30 cars, but each car is a boutique in the tip of the goods, the "Regal show" exceptionally successful. Later, in addition to bad weather and other reasons discontinued one or two, the pebble beach show every year held as scheduled in mid August is the annual "car week" Monterey finale. (the beautiful scenery of the pebble beach golf course is famous) many are now in the pursuit of the scale of the show, exhibitors and exhibitors models models better, less than 1000 cars all feel shy called themselves the international auto show. The pebble beach show the opposite, to participate in the show car, even the audience has strict rules. Participate in the annual Pebble Beach auto show models only the international exhibition of 1/10, is not rare, classic vintage car, is a new concept of international famous automobile manufacturers, and the vehicle once approved the agreement, the next 10 years will not be able to participate, the purpose is to let the show car models can be different. (1939 328 BMW Touring Coupe and Ford GT40 17, but these generally show to see () is not easy to take the pebble beach show, of course, to more carefully do posters!) The pebble beach show style for global fans, antique car collectors and car manufacturers in droves. It’s no wonder that Lamborghini’s president paid so much attention to the show. This year, the pebble beach show rujierzhi. And this show was the first Chinese car owners to bring the exhibition car. From Sichuan Chengdu "60" China vintage car collector Huang Zongmin for the first time on behalf of Chinese to participate in this event, and won the Rolls-Royce group second, Lucius Beebe foreign Trophy special award two awards. I will give you several Pebble Beach auto show debut in this year, people could not stop the car slobber: BMW 002 Hommage concept car Pebble Beach special edition of this special edition of BMW models are used to commemorate the 50 anniversary of the release of BMW Turbo 002. BMW 002 Turbo is the first European turbocharged.相关的主题文章: