The sparrow Premiere silly white sweet Dongyu Zhou first read the script also angry – Beijing luonv

"The sparrow" Premiere "silly white sweet" Dongyu Zhou: first read the script also angry – Beijing TV drama "sparrow" is hit, in the broadcast of the story, Dongyu Zhou plays "Xu Bicheng" repeatedly set teammates in danger, triggered a large audience of people Tucao Xu ". In the fixed gear conference earlier, Dongyu Zhou said she felt the role was "stupid", worried that the audience would not love broadcast, so at the time of the shooting, she had tried to be "Adorable" role to the direction of building: "when I read the script at the time, I feel how a stupid girl, Xu Bicheng has been in a catastrophe, then Chen deep, Tang Shanhai kept her to fill the hole." It is precisely because of the role of Dongyu Zhou too simple and naive interpretation of too much in place, so it was a large number of audience crazy tucao. Although even Dongyu Zhou himself in this mind set, but she eventually decided to challenge this role, because this is the first time she starred in the Spy Drama, is her first challenge female agents. In the previous interview, Dongyu Zhou has repeatedly mentioned, can play different types of roles, she is the fun of actors. When Dongyu Zhou was reading the script, she was angry for the first time, but when she looked at the second time, she became more and more interested in the role of "Xu Bicheng". In the intrigues of the times, simple kind of Xu Bicheng is precious. Xu Bicheng has added a touch of warmth to the cold agent role, her gentle, soft and tough is to attract the two major causes of the actor. (Qin Chuan)相关的主题文章: