The Spring Festival oily solution, immediately after a meal and a cup of Pu’er Tea you’re wrong! –

It’s wrong to eat a cup of Pu’er tea immediately after the spring festival! Sohu for Pu’er Tea the benefit of most people should be very clear, Pu’er Tea tea mild stomach, but can be a good solution for fat, Yang Qi, longevity! And research has also proved that tea can effectively reduce blood lipids, blood pressure and blood cholesterol, thereby preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The reason is that tea polyphenols, especially catechins, have strong lipid-lowering and protective effects on capillaries. However, there is an urgent need to pay attention to the problem is that eating greasy food should not immediately drink Pu’er tea! Greasy food usually contains a large amount of protein, and tea contains a large number of tannic acid, tannic acid can be combined with protein to produce a convergence of tannic acid protein. This substance slows intestinal peristalsis and prolongs the retention time of feces in the intestine, which not only causes constipation, but also increases the possibility of absorption of toxic substances and carcinogens by the body. In addition, tannic acid can also be combined with iron, zinc and other substances in the food into insoluble substances, so that the iron eaten wasted. Therefore, the person who likes tea should put the time of tea in the hours after dinner. Therefore, tea should be reasonable, not for a moment to understand the greasy and not pay attention to tea taboo.

春节解油腻,饭后立即一杯普洱茶你就错了!-搜狐   对于普洱茶的好处大多数人应该都很清楚,普洱茶茶性温和不伤胃,但能够很好的解脂、养气、延年益寿!并且研究也早已证实,饮茶能有效地降低血脂、血压及血液中的胆固醇,进而防止心脑血管疾病的发生。原因是茶叶中的茶多酚,特别是儿茶素有很强的降脂和保护毛细血管的作用。      但是,有个急需要注意的问题就是,吃了油腻食物后不宜立即喝普洱茶!      油腻的食物中一般含有大量的蛋白质,而茶叶中含有大量的鞣酸,鞣酸能与蛋白质结合生成具有收敛性的鞣酸蛋白质。这种物质能使肠蠕动减慢,从而延长了粪便在肠道内的滞留时间,不但能造成便秘,而且还增加了有毒物质和致癌物质被人体吸收的可能性。      另外,鞣酸还能与食物中的铁、锌等结合成难以溶解的物质,使吃进去的铁质白白浪费掉。因此,喜欢喝茶者应该把喝茶的时间放在就餐后小时为妥。      所以要合理喝茶,不要一时为了解油腻而不注重饮茶的禁忌。相关的主题文章: