The stylist to love the name of the 4 female clients cheat millions out of breaking up polartec

The stylist to love the name of the 4 female clients cheat millions out of breaking up urban white-collar workers and fashion women usually have their own designated hair stylist. Good communication with customers, flying dynamic, skilled technique and generous fashion appearance, have the occupation accomplishment stylist often favored by customers. Female customers and hair stylist tend to establish a good relationship, and even ambiguous, into a relationship between men and women friends. After 90 young men Li Lingceng is a hair stylist, a well-known barber shop in Nanjing has done technical training guidance, monthly salary of up to 30 thousand yuan. By the end of 2012, he met a female client in Hua Shuying stores, two people soon developed into a love relationship. Less than a year, he concocted a variety of reasons to borrow 440 thousand yuan cumulative shuying. Since then, through the dating site and unfamiliar street chat tool to deceive 4 women. Every time Li Ling drained their money, but also not to break up with them. His mess, finally stumbled on his ex girlfriend. Li Ling alleged fraud about 1000000 yuan, recently, the Pukou court hearing the case. Yangzi Evening News reporter Ren Guoyong found a good girlfriend borrow money, he started from greed during November 2012, Li Ling Holford Lane trainer in a store, occasionally also for customers to do high-end hair design. At that time, he met a female client Hua Shuying, the two soon developed into a love relationship. Later, he intends to do hairdressing product investment, hand money, and then discuss money Hua shuying. China has lent him ten yuan shuying. Li Ling got the money back to his hometown in Taizhou, I talked with his master Wu Jinyu these things. Li Ling had to learn Wu Jinyu haircut, Wu Kim is his teacher, Li Ling let him with him to Nanjing. The trial, Li Ling account, began to borrow money to engage in investment products Shuying is true, then think her money is easy to get, so the thinking has changed. He took the money and did not Hua Shuying for investment, but rented a car with a master Wu Jinyu, Zhao Xiaoliang and Gan Zhikui to the person in charge of the store in Yunnan Lijiang driving, Li Ling is out of charge, bars, night clubs, gambling and tourism. They play in Lijiang for a month. In China and Shuying less than a year’s time, Li Ling took Wu Jinyu to Lijiang three times, spent more than 20 yuan, the money is borrowed to his Chinese shuying. While in Lijiang, he had cheated their training in Singapore China Shuying, then fry the paper gold and gambling lost a lot of money, people detained there. If the money does not go up, I can not come back. Wu Jinyu played with him, and call Hua shuying. Wu Jinyu is honest, he gave Li Ling reasons to her solemn description, she also believed. Since then, Hua Shuying to Li Ling money. The prosecution evidence form of table table shows, during 2013, China lent Li Ling the money Shuying not less than 30 times, less than 1000 yuan, more than 30000 yuan. The reasons for its variety, usury, investment crab breeding, mother sick, renting a company in Changzhou, etc.. And many accounts are remitted to Wu Jinyu’s account. Wu Jin Yucheng, his bank card to Li Ling, is convenient to send money above Hua shuying. Posing as a model agent to cheat Division)相关的主题文章: