The subway seat dispute two Nanjing women’s clawed male passengers face —

The subway seat dispute   two Nanjing women’s clawed male passengers face — Jiangsu window — original title: the subway seat dispute two woman scratched face male passenger version F3: morning of the muck cars running red lights cars ran out of the top 20 meters at 7 yesterday morning, the Nanjing subway line. Two female passengers and a male passenger seat because altercation, and then escalated into a physical confrontation, the male passenger 55 year old Kim was two female passengers pushing, the face was scratched. Police intervention, the two sides finally reached an understanding. During the morning peak hours, a line originating station Maigaoqiao station overcrowding. The female passenger Wang and Chen two peers, the train arrived, Wang first rushed into the car, not only himself sat down with the bag to Chen occupying a seat. At this time, the male passenger Kim saw the empty seat, then allowing no explanation to sit down. The two sides argued. At this time, came back from the crowd, Chen joined the quarrel. Kim excited, even with gestures said, Wang and Chen mistook each other to do, immediately pushed back Kim, the crowded compartment was chaotic. We stand in Zhujianglu Road to accept the deal, a slight scratch Kim face, and two female passengers also turn pale. Police learned that the male passenger Kim, 55 years old this year, the people of Zhejiang, Nanjing is a power system engineer; two female passengers Wang and Chen Anhui, less than 30 years old, work in a Kokusai Hotel. After a period of calm, criticism and education with the police, three people have expressed regret, the two sides finally apologize to each other, to reach an understanding. (Dee Xuan Gu Yuansen) (commissioning editor Ma Xiaobo and Zhang Yan) 地铁占座起纠纷 南京两女子抓破男乘客脸–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:地铁占座起纠纷 两女子抓破男乘客脸 第F3版:精要 凌晨渣土车闯红灯顶着小轿车跑出20多米   昨天上午7点多,南京地铁一号线上,两名女乘客和一名男乘客因为占座发生口角,进而升级为肢体冲突,55岁的男乘客金某被两名女乘客推搡,脸也被抓破。警方介入处理,最终双方达成了谅解。   当时正值早高峰时段,一号线始发站迈皋桥站人满为患。女乘客王某和陈某两人同行,列车一到,王某抢先冲进车厢,不仅自己坐了下来,还用手提包给陈某占了一个座。此时,男乘客金某看见这个空座后,便不由分说要坐下来。双方争执起来。   这时,从人群中挤过来的陈某也加入争吵。金某激动起来,连说带比划,王某和陈某误以为对方要动手,便立刻还击推搡金某,拥挤的车厢内一度混乱。   等双方在珠江路站接受处理时,金某脸上有轻微划伤,而两名女乘客也是花容失色。   民警了解到,男乘客金某今年55岁,浙江人,是南京一家电力系统的工程师;两名女乘客王某和陈某是安徽人,不到30岁,在一家国际大酒店工作。经过一段时间的冷静,加上民警的批评教育,三人都流露出悔意,最终双方互相道歉,达成谅解。(狄公宣 顾元森) (责编:马晓波、张妍)相关的主题文章: