The turnover of counterfeit seal admission fee defrauding more than 40 thousand yuan –

The turnover of counterfeit seal "admission fee defrauding more than 40 thousand yuan – Beijing pay also received stamp bills, dolls but didn’t attend school. In September this year, living in Xiaojiahe, Ms. Chung sent a child to a nearby nursery school was rejected, even though she was holding a single payment, but was informed of the park as counterfeit bills. And Ms. bell is not an example, and she is similar to a number of parents. The notes on their hands came from a man named Liang Yue (a pseudonym). Previously, Liang Yuezheng is a kindergarten teacher, but as early as 3 years ago has left. Parents react, they are likely to be deceived. They hurried to the jurisdiction of the Chengdu high tech Xiaojiahe Public Security Bureau police station reported the matter. After the police investigation, the relationship was in the beam to work to help others children attending kindergarten, kindergarten style received a total of 11 parents of a total of more than 4 yuan admission fee, in order to increase the credibility, she also Sike kindergarten official, issued a false bill. At present, the beam may have been arrested. According to Liang month account, to increase the credibility, the end of the day she went to a city of Chengdu high tech Zone Gaosheng Bridge East Road, does not have the qualification of the computer engraving studio, the beam provides seal template, let the boss Fu for a kindergarten forged seal. After the layout, Fu will be handed over to the design of a printing engraved chapter advertising shop, produced by Hu and liu. At present, the police have 4 people involved were arrested, and have been arrested prosecutors. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Du Yuquan相关的主题文章: