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"The two generation" was precious calligraphy exhibition debut National Art Museum – Beijing Beijing in September 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) "old to have? Jane calligraphy and painting exhibition" 7 at the National Academy of China opening featured artists recently created more than 100 pieces of works, a comprehensive display of the the recent appearance of art exploration and jane. As a famous calligrapher, vice president of the National Academy of China Ceng Laide’s daughter, "80" Ceng Zhen has studied Zhou Shaohua, Jiang Baolin. Two teachers teaching, not only focus on the development of the unique artistic personality and Jane had focused on the art techniques of language training, which for her rich and diverse artistic expression and creation has laid a good foundation. In the exhibition hall works elaborate painting style, and the pattern of atmospheric and meteorological. The blue and white porcelain series concern, giant painting, five Zhang Xuan Zhang eight synthesis "map", liusi × 11 meters; 3.3 meters "thinning" intention etc.. The evaluation was Jane today’s president of the National Academy of painting, Yang Xiaoyang said, "she can make the traditional and modern aesthetic easily into one, there was travel cloud water like Oncidium intelligence and creative passion". The famous painter Cheng Dali that her painting gas Bureau vastness, thriving, and talent show. "The biggest feeling is finished painting the plain and naive, this is very rare in the moment, hope she can put innocent and pure feelings have been maintained." (end)相关的主题文章: