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"The wedding" kind of offbeat interpretation of why Danny "marriage" a crisis of confidence why TV drama "marry" Danny a Danny a Danny why why "Sina" the wedding entertainment news by Tak television producer Yao Di, "micro-blog", "micro-blog", which has high value of Yan Danni starring idol drama "marriage" why is hit, play for Danny played and played a long history of Yan Liu prawns, at the initial stage is the series show loving and funny play, but with the in-depth story, become the history of Yan most "landing" role, increase the reality of the component for this topic of idol drama, especially for Danny use a unique way of interpretation of the "crisis of confidence" in the small woman, causing many users to resonate. For Danny offbeat friends: Shi Yan interpretation of the trust crisis of the pain we know as a discussion on the subject of marriage City emotional drama, "why" the wedding is about three different styles of the love story, by Yao Di, is a strength, Danny idol to join, is to ensure the quality of the play, set off a "city of emotional wind". With the further development of the three young people of the emotional state, the story more good-looking, especially the role of Shi Yan, was praised "the most down to earth". Love is easy, mutual trust is difficult, in doubt, the old Liu prawns Diao to suppress the depressed time for Danny with the "offbeat" way to deduce the struggle of the role. "Shi Yan is a knife mouth tofu heart, although she is curious, but not others, so when she was wronged, wronged, angry, in the face of Liu prawns, is full of jealousy." Users have also said, "the history of Yanzhen pretty cute, even for their own grievances are so charming, adorable" not to be trusted is the relationship between husband and wife in the worst state, a great play Danny, see that the left heart, see I think of myself." "Mrs. Shi Miliu" Danny: she is a born idol drama life is different from that of the pure food, different from that of the old Diao domineering, "Mrs. Shi Miliu" because of their own economic conditions to face many practical problems, so they become a reality CP. "Feel the history of Yan prawns and problems we have encountered in" early marriage, "I quite understand the history of Yan, not a wife would want their husband to another woman, even her husband’s hair, bestie". For Danny in an interview also said, "the wedding" why "is a very interesting and meaningful topic of urban emotional drama, and I have a pair of lovers’ clown ‘inside, should also be one of the most down to earth. Because we are the poor ah, no good family, are foreign, not only every kiss love love, also need to fuel. I think, Yan Yan is the existence of the most life, although there are shortcomings, but very cute". (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: