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The wind is the same as under guapeng Jungshin midsummer night, Tzu Chi volunteers came to the twenty environmental volunteers Hou Libi home held love activities, in a small hospital in passionfruit shed under environmental protection ten formulas we learn together. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Qiu Shangyi) midsummer night breeze was blowing slowly, Tzu Chi volunteers, Quanzhou Shishi District Village Cuo of more than twenty of the number came to the home of Hou Libi held environmental volunteers love activities. Small Cheng Institute of passion fruit shed under bring a pleasant cool for volunteers and folks. Auspicious month love small courtyard in July before the start, the weak energy-saving lamp makeshift, a cheerful "everyone to do environmental protection" sounded, a few volunteers with the melody driven sitting sign, folks also looked intently and swing learning. Tzu Chi volunteers through the upcoming Lunar New Year in July, into the community to advocate linlixiangqin July is an auspicious month, called for the villagers to reduce or not burn, common love our earth. Through the film, playing the "July volunteer auspicious month" in filial piety, master who discovery: "Purdue also called save overhang, rescued our ancestors. The wisdom of faith is to respect life, do not kill to nursing students. We first to protect students, second to wisdom, do not burn gold paper, reduce air pollution." Environmental protection volunteers Qiu Wendun shared: "I think as long as the heart is good, three incense sticks, respect Buddha, everywhere is a good idea for others." At the same time with vegetarian vow. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Qiu Shangyi) Xu Wanmei MC to the folks explain lunar July coming soon, "that is in the southern ghost month, will burn a lot of gold paper to pray for peace, in July is an auspicious month. Do not slaughter, bear good edge and sentient beings, Bodhisattva will rejoice, so is the Buddha happy month. Today, a lot of disaster around the world, we hope that the world peace, we must purify the mind, purify the earth, together with environmental protection." The other is the film "the origin" about the contents of paper money, the origin of burning paper money, the original is a housewife for money in the home care marketing ideas. More people on the discovery mentioned: "we have to trust, not superstition. A toast to paradise. If you do not benefit, how blessed? The hearts of the Buddha, a method, from time to time to zhaofu." Tonight love site master Hou Li2 Bi and share their usual load in environmental protection, the gold paper rarely burned, is not willing to buy gold paper, always wanted to donate money to save people, think this is more significance! Ten environmental protection formula together to protect the earth and environmental protection volunteers Cai Pingmin to introduce environmental protection formula and ten people how to do a good five. "Reach out your hands and take care of our earth. The bottles, paper 1357……" On the stage with his hands than a ten interactive environmental protection formula, Cai Pingmin volunteers to share garbage will be gradually reduced, resource recycling. Volunteers and folks with the song "we are a" circular edge sign language. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Qiu Shangyi Shi Jinlian) volunteers share their beginning not to burn paper money from 2009 to burn paper money money into bamboo. She felt happy every day, every day at ease. Volunteer Qiu Sanxian share the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Since then, the body is very good, never cold. "Eat a variety of colors of vegetables every day, not nutrition.相关的主题文章: