The winter tour of Sichuan to the eight scenic spots to feel the most beautiful icefall shock Charm ddrtys

The winter tour of Sichuan to the eight scenic spots to feel the most beautiful icefall shock charm many people’s impression, Sichuan’s winter is the off-season, in fact this is a misunderstanding, Sichuan throughout the year, are rich in international beauty. Winter, in addition to skiing, hot springs, snow capped mountains will have? It is a beautiful waterfall. In the summer is a beautiful spring in the valley, in the winter is dotted with a snow icicles, gurgling streams were condensed into a white "belt" dancing in the mountains, more wide giant icefall hanging in the cliff, people lamented the nature of the ghost axe God. This recommendation "eight most beautiful waterfall scenic area of Sichuan to you". Jiuzhaigou and Jiuzhaigou in winter snow exquisitely carved, with its forests, colorful Haizi and shapes of the icefall, mysterious rich folk form distinctive characteristics in winter in Jiuzhaigou. Take it of great momentum NuoRiLang waterfall masculine cell into a reverie of natural art sculpture, Pearl Beach waterfall and waterfall tree is also the past the jubilation in ice freezing. The Ornamental Period: from 1 to February (04 month season tickets: 01 ~11 on day 15):220 yuan off-season (November 16th ~03 months 31):80 yuan address: Sichuan province Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture line: Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Wenchuan – Maoxian – Songpan – Jiuzhaigou two, tiger Canyon tiger, this is a it is not for most people know, in winter, everywhere is Joan jade makeup, frozen waterfall, silver; thick forest, wrapped in makeup, it seems to enter the yaochi wonderland. Located in the south of the Grand Canyon xubaoding Huya scenic landscape, with the original rough, magnificent adventure, unique artistic features. Photography of Chongqing flower viewing period: brother at the end of December to January, three free tickets: MT Wawushan early in the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the " mountain, beautiful water; and Lin Shen, king, " and famous, with the Mount Emei and called " two vast Shu ". Su Dongpo’s poem: " Wawu cold heap after spring rain snow, Emei Cui and Yu Tian " depicts the beautiful scenery of the Wawushan mountain. One winter, the first stage of Lanxi falls condensed into thick ice, like a curtain of ice, the ice can match Jiuzhaigou’s nuorilang. The ice curtain is translucent, with light blue. The spring sun, ice melting intermediate a thin water, gurgling flow, as if singing the song of life. The Ornamental Period: December to March tickets: 52 yuan address: Sichuan province Meishan city Hongya County Wawu mountain line: Chengdu – Meishan – Hongya (the 106 line) – Hongya – Wawushan four, Shuangqiao Gou Shuangqiao Gou is unique ice China resort, about 3800 meters above sea level, mountain clouds stream to the winter form hundreds of ice. About general line length, small angle, soft ice climbing, suitable for leisure. Double channel length of 34 kilometers, toclimb waterfall is about 60 ~ 70. Most of the distribution in the left side of the road. Because of the twists and turns of Shuangqiao Gou itself is not too easy, direction, now into the ditch direction as the base, left and right branch road description. The road is generally left East, not strong)相关的主题文章: