The young Chinese Senna tied the record Ross admitted slower than teammate (video)

The young Chinese Senna tied the record Ross admitted slower than teammate F1 British practice Chinese leader Rosberg station suffered a car failure Hamilton Senna tied the record in September 3rd Tencent sports today for the 2016 season F1 Italy Grand Prix qualifying team, Mercedes Hamilton completely suppressed his teammate Rosberg in the final 1 minutes and 21 seconds 135 The results easily won the pole, Rosberg won second place. Rosberg admitted after the game that he did not really speed this weekend, Hamilton. Monza is a pursuit of the ultimate speed of the track, which is very suitable for this aggressive driving style Hamilton driver, today the three qualifying, Hamilton all scored the fastest lap in the final stage of the Q3, Rosberg was trying to challenge Hamilton’s leading position, but he is not able to catch Hamilton in Q3 first flying lap performance, while Hamilton followed in second laps but also further enhance their own results, eventually leading to the second half team easily won the pole position advantage. This is the third consecutive year Hamilton won the pole at Monza, but also his fifty-sixth career pole occupation. Also worth mentioning is that Hamilton now has 5 times won the pole at Monza, tied the two legend Senna and Fangio on this track record. Hamilton is very excited about: "after I came here in realized such a record, of course I have to tie the record of the idea, and now I have to do this, I feel very proud and honored, because that can be compared with Senna and Fangio, I never thought I would be with these great names together a few years ago." Hamilton admitted that his performance in the Q3 stage is perfect: "this weekend I have been playing very well, especially in the last lap of Q3, really perfect, I did not appear any lock. I’ve been playing at the top level all weekend and the car’s grip is phenomenal. Thanks to the team for providing us with such a perfect car, we are very fortunate to be able to represent this team." Rosberg is currently in the standings behind teammate 9 points, each station for the rest of the season is not lost for him, but now he wants to stop Hamilton some difficulties in the completion of three consecutive races, if two people in qualifying place to finish 16 behind teammate Rosberg will. Points at the end of the European season. Rosberg concedes that this weekend’s speed is less than his teammates after the end of the qualifying session today: "until now I this weekend is also great, the single circle speed is quite good, but Hamilton is not fast enough. There is no problem with my car, the only problem is that Lewis (Hamilton) in qualifying performance is really good. I think this is the only reason I couldn’t get to explain this race in the pole." (Li Tianyou)相关的主题文章: