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To defend the assets of "road" where the economy says big coffee review: With eleven cooling of the 2016 golden week market, good times real estate investment over China real estate market from "speculation" into the rational "investment" stage, once eyes closed can make money era has passed, to go "" as the residential real estate market trend or will become a trend, which will bring what influence on the population of high net worth of asset allocation? Where is the new direction of financial management? Funds into the property market is still an opportunity? To this end, sponsored by the Longhu real estate and real estate network (Longhu times street Longhu · · Hong Dynamisante stream bank) sponsored Economic Forum "on the road" the wealth big coffee activities, as many home buyers guide. A lot of directions, high net worth individuals can not miss the afternoon of November 13th, sponsored by the Longhu real estate and real estate, sponsored by the "big coffee guide · wealth on the road" business forum, officially held in Beijing Fengtai District city Automall hotel. This forum is the high net worth population "financial textbooks", invited well-known financial commentator, China Times editor, well-known host, "Long Beach Sheng said that the real" chief content officer Yao Changsheng, trans union real estate chamber of commerce commercial real estate research association, Wang Yongping, and the Limited by Share Ltd of Beijing Yonghui supermarket development director Ma Li Dong you economic big coffee on the road, commentary, finance, financial direction guidance. ("coffee" business forum on the wealth of the scene) the period of economic downturn, the asset allocation to keep their eyes open China prices stepped up the adjustment period from the surface of the water when mentioned, in the past few years summary, Chinese real estate belongs to the ladder to jump up, completely different from the smooth type of foreign prices, such as 2003, 2004 belongs to the skyrocketing housing prices rose about a period of two years after -2008 met 2005 times, four years of a plateau, even in 2008 prices fell back; then 2009-2010 again and prices almost doubled, 2010-2014 is the platform for consolidation, prices in 2014 fell to 2015-2016 years; now almost doubled again rose, so after coming should be a platform consolidation period. The devaluation of the renminbi, asset security issues into focus if real estate investment fell further, 6.7% China economy is definitely not the inflection point, it needs to do a long preparation, during this process, the asset allocation is still the so-called middle class above the most anxiety problems. In China’s economic situation is gradually real estate, the entire real estate financial situation, so long-term asset allocation is possible, and 50%, 70% of the real estate should be configured. In ten years, and real estate stocks have been configured, today is the result of the two level, ten years later, prices rose at least four to five times, but ten years of speculation, with basically stagnant, or even lose everything, very few to become a hero, so the real estate from the probability of speaking, almost is a hundred percent security. In order to maintain the value of the assets, the trust can be considered in the current program of commercial real estate in the United States, the rate of return of about 10%, the same can be considered.相关的主题文章: