Tsai Ming-Liang denounced the B station the line is still not buy infringement apology drop dead diva

Tsai Ming-Liang denounced the B station the line is still not buy infringement apology China Taiwan director Tsai Ming-Liang Tencent entertainment news (Wen Zhou Chen) after publicly accused the blue net spread of pirated resources, director Tsai Ming-Liang will spearhead the fight against piracy B station. The day before the Tsai Ming-Liang studio release micro-blog requirements BiliBili network piracy and prevarication Tsai Ming-Liang for a public apology, then B station in micro-blog account released "to Tsai Ming-Liang’s public apology", has said the shelves all unauthorized guide works of Tsai Ming-Liang and CAI, and the creative team to be a sincere apology. August 24th Tsai Ming-Liang studio issued a request to apologize B station Taiwan director Tsai Ming-Liang recently frequently encountered in the work of the network of pirated resources on the issue of public voice. In July 20th, Tsai Ming-Liang published by micro-blog studio "mad" caused by piracy blue net "a letter" accountability blueshin network piracy. Under pressure, optical network has shielded links, delete pages, and that the site will be closed on August 18th, then re opened, and will be used to release resources to link micro-blog to delete all. On the morning of 21, blue network also issued a "public apology" in the official micro-blog, the person in charge of the company privately with Tsai Ming-Liang communication in inappropriate remarks public apology. The evening of August 24th, Tsai Ming-Liang studio re released micro-blog, called the BiliBili barrage network piracy and in communication with Tsai Ming-Liang. Then, the official micro-blog B station "BiliBili bulletin" issued a public apology, that website on copyright issues director Tsai Ming-Liang works oversight, effectively solve the problem of service failure, also have poor communication responsibility. B station said it has been under the framework of all unauthorized Cai guide works, hoping to get the official copyright after the shelves. In August 25th Tsai Ming-Liang micro-blog studio continues to question B station but Tsai Ming-Liang of apology B station does not seem to buy it. In August 25th, Tsai Ming-Liang studio re released micro-blog, throws a series of problems further questioned B station: BiliBili barrage network piracy Tsai Ming-Liang movie several years, the legal nature of what is? Do you need any compensation for the serious loss caused by the producers? You can represent the BiliBili network? Do not apologize in the official website, sincerity? In addition, Tsai Ming-Liang studio micro-blog also referred to the house of BT, BTkitty, chip warehouse network, BT paradise, it seems that the behavior of the fight against piracy, Tsai Ming-Liang will continue. B station public apology letter to the Tencent news client mobile phone new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: