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Typhoon "Meranti" with rainstorm Yongcheng 8 small reservoirs over flood control water level by Typhoon "Meranti" effect, I yesterday appeared heavy rain, local heavy rain, the city’s main river in high water level. Last night, Shifang Zhi county (city) District line again, urged all localities to implement the heavy rainfall defense measure deployment, organize forces to do low-lying areas, small watershed, stream surrounding the transfer of personnel work. As of yesterday at 18 o’clock, the city back to harbor vessels 5582, while another 97 are evacuated. The "total rainfall moranti" brings than anticipation to big, 19 o’clock yesterday, Shifang Zhi start flood emergency response grade. 19:30, the city meteorological observatory issued orange rainstorm warning. As of yesterday, 22, the market average rainfall of 167 mm, of which the largest in Fenghua, up to 223 mm, the smallest is Xiangshan, for the mm. Basin rainfall distribution, Yao River Basin of Fenghua river basin is 182 mm, 201 mm, 186 mm in the Yongjiang River Basin, Xiangshan harbor and Sanmen Bay is 157 mm. The largest country for large rainfall station weir rainfall station, up to 298 mm, the smallest is Dongxi rainfall stations, 38 mm. More than 200 mm, accounting for about 4% of the number of stations, located in Yinzhou District, Yuyao, Ninghai, Fenghua, more than 100 mm, accounting for 208 of the number of stations, the number of 46%. The maximum rainfall point for the Yinzhou District rainfall station, 284 mm. The city’s 32 large and medium-sized reservoirs, Xixi reservoir, Tang Gang reservoir two reservoirs over flood control water level. Small reservoirs have 8 reservoirs over flood control water level, mainly distributed in Yinzhou, Yuyao and Ninghai. The main river in the city in the high water level, a total of 23 stations of the highest water level above the warning level, mainly in Yuyao, Cixi and Yao River basin. Before the typhoon, the city river walkthrough in a timely manner. Yao Jiang big gate from September 11th 21 when the pre discharge pre discharge, as of September 15th at 8, a total of waiting for tidal drainage of the times, the cumulative pre discharge of 32 million 240 thousand cubic meters of pre vent. Subsequently, Yao Jiang gate continued continuous drainage, as of 21 o’clock yesterday, and excretion of 9 million 400 thousand cubic meters, the cumulative displacement of up to 41 million 640 thousand cubic meters. In addition, 8:40 yesterday, Bao Feng, Tang, stone Daqi gate, Yongxin pump strong pumping station all open. Shifang Zhi again last night issued an emergency notice, requiring counties (city) area and the relevant departments attach great importance to strengthen flood duty, closely monitor rainfall, water and flood change; strengthen the monitoring and forecasting analysis and consultation according to the plan, timely start emergency response, the deployment of the implementation of heavy rain prevention measures; ready transfer of personnel, abnormal the situation, decisive organization transfer threatened staff; strengthen inspections of ponds and reservoirs, small watershed flood prone areas, geological hazards such as the weak parts of the abnormal situation timely warning; waterlogging in urban and rural areas and along the Yongjiang damp, the implementation of the prevention and drainage measures. According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas yesterday 14 when the center is located in south southeast of Ningbo about 1500 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, is 17.6 degrees north latitude and longitude)相关的主题文章: