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U.S. media: China kindergarten requires children to use chopsticks to keep traditional culture – Beijing Reference News Network September 16th reported that the U.S. media said, Beijing kindergarten to prohibit the use of fork and spoon, insist that children aged 4 years and over with chopsticks, and can only use chopsticks. The harsh demand angered some parents, but also triggered a debate about parenting, parenting, and even maintaining cultural purity in a globalized twenty-first Century. The "Losangeles times" website on September 8th quoted "Beijing morning news" reported that many mothers complain that this month, their children in Kindergarten under home hungry, the reason is because children not skilled in using chopsticks and eat lunch. A surname Shaw’s mother said: "my daughter after 4 years old, the kindergarten has been to her to eat with chopsticks, but she can not use chopsticks." The mother also said that her daughter became introverted, when she saw the kindergarten children can eat with chopsticks, she will be under pressure, and therefore become anxious. She said: "these days, I will let her eat a lot of food before she goes to kindergarten, so she can eat less in the kindergarten at noon, I will give her some more when I go home at night." Another mother surnamed Sun said, now the children in kindergarten, he will let the children to eat a meal, to make up for her at noon to eat less, but also at home to teach children to use chopsticks. Reported that this requirement is not suddenly. The Ministry of education, China’s Ministry of education, said that children aged 3 to 4 should be able to skillfully use the spoon, children aged between 4 and 5 should have a certain skill in the use of chopsticks, children should be proficient in the use of chopsticks at the age of 6. Beijing Golden Apple kindergarten an unnamed management staff confirmed that the kindergarten also requires 4 year old children to eat with chopsticks. The manager said: "children at this age should also be able to use chopsticks. Learning to use chopsticks helps develop children’s hand eye coordination." Reported that the use of the provisions of the provisions of dissatisfaction with the parents of the Internet was also severely criticized. Some critics even wonder whether the children who make bad chopsticks are chinese. "What can worry about using chopsticks," one critic wrote on micro-blog" One critic wrote: "you are chinese! If children do not learn to use chopsticks, they will grow up because they do not eat hot pot with chopsticks and face." But some child development experts say the lack of flexibility in kindergarten is a cause for concern. Wang Ronghui, an expert on child care in Guangzhou, said: "this guideline is intended to set a general goal for children, but it should not be an excuse for not respecting children’s individual differences." "The development of the child’s hand varies from person to person," she added. I have seen the development of children of 4 years of age who are only about the same age as those of the age of 2." Putting too much pressure on their children may be detrimental to their mental health, she says. Reported that, although the use of fork and spoon chopsticks are unlikely to die, but now with the globalization of Chinese continues to improve, the primacy of how to keep this simple tableware, the problem seems to be getting more and more attention. This problem last year appeared in a file called ""相关的主题文章: