Ulysses’s gaze opens at the center of today’s Art shdoclc.dll

"Ulysses’s gaze" opens at the center of contemporary art, "the soul to understand itself, it must stare at his soul." This lattice Arts Center opened on August 27th at the exhibition "gaze" gathered 81 works of 24 artists Ulysses, trying to look through their work "double regression of painting and heart care". This lattice Art Center more than ten years after the symbols and ideas as well as the impact of the carnival ecstasy image of contemporary art, Chinese also said that the return to calm the helpless. As the tide receded, revealed an underwater rock, a large number of no drift, held their understanding of the art and spiritual care artists returned to our vision. The exhibition of 24 artists do not pursue the subject, content of the grand novel, techniques of dazzling, but has a flowing real and strong emotion, heart murmur, humanistic care. And in their works they embody on the pursuit of painting and performance, make works showing meaningful and profound style. The picture shows the scene of the opening of the exhibition, a group of artists participating in the exhibition if the contemporary nature of the work itself is a definition of a time limit, then the painting has a lasting eternal sense of time. Many artists are actively engaged in contemporary, keen on the idea of thinking but ignored the essence of painting. But fortunately there are still many young artists to explore painting or return or persisted in the creation, despite numerous interference of the outside world, they are more willing to observe things around and inner feelings, subtle but real existence. Experience and observation of the time will not impose too much of the so-called concept of entanglement, to understand some of the self righteous understanding can only make the cognition become smaller. Relative to each person in front or in the heart of the great and deep, human beings can use only sincere and patient. They calmly to color or bright or dull to be taken into consideration; the freedom to choose the line or smooth or sincere, they know that this seemingly microscopic show a corresponding is on the spiritual world of deep care. Curator Zhang Yizhou (right) an interview with reporters   curator Zhang Yizhou said in talking about the curatorial mind: the exhibition invited artists are born in 70s and 80s, involves three types, one is already recognized, is a widespread concern in recent years, there is a is just graduated or returned. What they have in common is that they all have the characteristics of painting, which reflects the overall appearance of the new painting, which is the basis of the difference between painting and other kinds of art. It is a visual form, is the core and soul of the work, focusing on the expression of the spirit of the screen, containing the artist’s feelings and ideas. It has a wide space to explore, with the change of times has a rich appearance form, the painting is the traditional art of enduring charm. This lattice art center overall three layer space we sub floor exhibition arrangement: the emphasis on a layer of warm colors, the negative layer is deep, the two layer is fresh and bright style; uniform so that each layer of the style, the audience can experience different atmosphere in different floors, it)相关的主题文章: