Unfortunately, his wife and children left behind her husband in Shaoguan tears of brain death to don diqua

Unfortunately, his wife and children left behind her husband in Shaoguan tears of brain death to donate organs to save 5 people in the Guangzhou Daily reporter Ren Shanshan correspondent Jiang Lan   42 year old man Guangdong Shaoguan Renhua Huang Linming before the Mid Autumn Festival, sudden cerebral hemorrhage, due to ineffective rescue into a state of brain death. In order to commemorate her husband and wife working in Guangzhou with three minor children, tears make organ donation decision. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned from the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Huang Linming implementation process can be described as striking one snag after another donation. Donation surgery scheduled for the day before yesterday, but in an hour before the operation, his condition suddenly changed, donation surgery was an emergency stop. At noon on September 18th, Huang Linming died, donated a liver, a kidney, a pair of corneas, 3 people will be reborn, 2 people to see again. Huang Linming is a decoration worker. The evening of September 13th 8, he took the decoration on the way home, suddenly fainted in the street. Well intentioned people found, call 120, he was sent to the Renhua people’s hospital. According to the Third Hospital Affiliated to Zhongshan University admissions and later his doctor Lv Haijin, because Huang Linming was in a coma for more than two hours, the brain function has been hard hit by the local hospital diagnosed as brainstem hemorrhage, in critical condition, there is no spontaneous breathing, and a large number of drugs rely on ventilator to sustain life. Huang Linming’s wife, Liu worked in Guangzhou, originally planned to go home Mid Autumn Festival in September 14th. On the day of the incident, she also received a phone call from her husband to give her mother a gift. Who knows, a few hours later, the bad news came. She returned home that night, but that her husband’s condition has not improved. After several considerations, Liu resolutely decided to donate organs. Ms. Liu said, Huang Linming is usually a helpful person. Before the accident, he also talked about the idea of organ donation in the death of other loved ones. To make this decision, is the hope that by donating organs, so that the three minor children can feel the father’s great after sensible. That family have the willingness to donate, Renhua county people’s Hospital linked to the Shaoguan area donated third hospitals affiliated hospital of Zhongshan University, Huang Linming will go to Guangzhou for further evaluation, and is scheduled for the morning of September 17th for his implementation of donation surgery. However, in the morning, when he was sucking sputum, the doctor found that he was coughing. This abnormal phenomenon caused by the doctor’s vigilance, organ donation procedure was suspended immediately, the hospital immediately re consultation. However, once the disease fluctuations, and did not bring the family look forward to the miracle of life". September 18th at noon, Huang Linming finished 42 years of life, leaving his wife with diabetes and the largest of the age of 15, the youngest of the three children of the age of 12. The 12 year old daughter cannot accept it all, "cried to entreat doctor to save my father". Finally, the righteous wife promises to her husband, "help people to complete the last moment".相关的主题文章: