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Wanda tourism together with the way tourism   1000 iicg Kyushu tourism channel in October 3rd, from around the country thousands of tourists gathered in Xiongben to participate in the "Japan Kyushu, Kyushu Wanda iicg night" theme activities. This activity by Wanda tourism with the way Tourism Co sponsored, hosted by Shenzhen’s new king Wanda tourism circle Dongxu travel agency, the activities of the Japan National Tourism Bureau, Kyushu tourism to promote the mechanism and attention of Kyushu and the strong support of the County Tourism Alliance, Kyushu province traffic transport bureau soil Japan’s tourism minister Ichi Chihideki, Wanda tourism deputy general manager Xu Daoming attended the event and delivered a speech. It is reported that the previous Wanda tourism with the way tourism to start the 2016 "one hundred thousand Master evergloss" theme, the event is one of the main activities of the project node. On the day, from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Hefei, Qingdao and other places of the country tourists gathered in the Kyushu Xiongben, participate in the "iicg Kyushu Wanda night" theme activities. Xiongben County Tourism team specially for tourists and Wanda tourism and travel the same way for meeting event, Xiong Benxiong and tourists naive intimate interaction and group photo. Since then, "Wanda night" is constantly surprises, in traditional Japanese toast ceremony "knock – barrel for peace" links, tourists have to share the "green wine", the party is kicked off. The night of the event, not only has the very characteristics of the Japanese Taiko, and mask dance, sword and other traditional performances, orchestrated by the lucky draw, Wanda exclusive fireworks and other activities, will continue to live atmosphere to a climax. As a new tourist destination in Japan, Japan’s tourism resources are very rich, but the domestic market needs to be upgraded. Wanda tourism around the company together with the way tourism network, cooperate with the Japanese industry, dig the destination resources, play to their respective advantages, orchestrated by the "fun Kyushu free" and "classic Kyushu four tour", "Kyushu spa delicacy Tour" and many other quality tourism products, the use of existing routes from the national tourist registration organization Kyushu the trip, brought together the unique delicacy, Kyushu spa, beauty and authentic Japanese traditional culture, products of superior quality, high satisfaction of tourists. The iicg Kyushu Wanda night "theme activities, is the debut after Wanda tourism launched overseas tourism events brand" tour ONE CLUB Hui ", made in Japan, the partners from all walks of life activities and participation in highly tourists. Wanda tourism will continue to build the quality of tourism, combining the important festivals, resources and tourism destination timely launch of more "hot Yu Hui theme. (commissioning editor: Li Yawen (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: