Wang Jianlin lost 110 million in Spain because of a headache for many years bloxorz

Wang Jianlin loss of 110 million in Spain because of a headache for many years building Wanda hotel development in November 4th limited company announcement said, non wholly-owned Affiliated Companies Wanda Europe estate investment company yesterday to 272 million euros (equivalent to approximately HK $2 billion 334 million) sale items to Madrid Spanish companies Baraka Global Invest, S.L.U.. Madrid project, which was acquired by Wang Jianlin in early 2014. According to Wanda Hotel estimates, the disposal is expected to generate revenue of approximately HK $220 million, but the reference price, the Target Corp to complete before the European distributed to Wanda in September 30, 2016 after the reserves of approximately HK $381 million without audit between the carrying amount and the transaction disposal costs and expenses of the difference between the calculated. The proceeds will be from the previous exchange rate on reserves accounted for the total exchange loss of approximately HK $330 million offset, and will lead to the sale of items generated a net loss of approximately HK $110 million. Wanda hotel said that in view of the Spanish market and political environment and therefore lead to operating conditions and the development potential of Madrid property project uncertainty, companies that sell items for the group realized its property project investment opportunities in madrid. The sale will also benefit the group by consolidating the group’s liquidity and financial position. The net sale proceeds will be used to identify potential new projects may pay a bank loan and finance its existing property development project and the group, after the group. The development of the Wanda hotel to sell the Spanish building, once let Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin headache. At the beginning of 2014, Wang Jianlin to 265 million euros to buy Spanish mansion, in the beginning of the acquisition, Wanda Group announced that, the project covers an area of 4655 square meters, the property will be comprehensive plans to redevelop for 200 room luxury hotels, high-end retail space and about 300 residential apartments. In addition, Wanda Group believes that the building was built in Spain is still not high quality building materials in the 1990s, despite years of building maintenance, but the service life of the building itself is close to the limit, so the proposed completely demolished building, brick reconstruction scheme. At that time, the municipal side of Madrid, said the Madrid government’s plan does not approve the demolition of the front of the Spanish building". September 9, 2015 reference news reports, more than 7 Citizens petitioned the government in Madrid, said Wang Jianlin firmly opposed the demolition and reconstruction of the Spanish building plan. In May this year, Wang Jianlin in the "dialogue" column when it comes to the matter, said that Madrid has about 4000000 residents, 70 thousand does not represent the majority, "if the fierce opposition, millions of signatures, may not be 70 thousand, may be 700 thousand. First of all, a lot of people are well aware that this is not a historical building protection; another, the building has been idle for several years, and why? This building is a loan from the bank, Spain’s largest bank loans fully built, not on the loan, the bank received back, back again after not for other purposes, so this building is Lei相关的主题文章: