Wang Nan husband delete light Baoqiang Wang related micro-blog this is what happened chompoo araya

Wang Nan husband delete light Baoqiang Wang related micro-blog this is what happened? Baoqiang Wang, Guo Bin recently, her husband,, will be the contents of all the contents of the deletion of the micro-blog. Subsequently, some netizens said that if the contents of Guo Bin’s comments on micro-blog in the Baoqiang Wang, he will pull black. A message to Guo Bin and Baoqiang Wang lamented, sincere friendship netizens stunned. Netizens are familiar with Guo Bin, in addition to his Olympic champion Wang Nan’s husband, but also because this year in August, when the divorce of the case of the hands of the friendship of the helping hand of the release of the friendship of her in the year of the year of the divorce in. At that time, Guo Bin drying out a photo of Baoqiang Wang at micro-blog, Baoqiang Wang also personally to cut hair. Baoqiang Wang divorce case in the official hearing, the first time sent a blessing to micro-blog, the curtain opened, justice comes, good people often!" Even in October 22nd, Guo Bin also made a micro-blog with Baoqiang Wang playing golf photos, photos of the baby laugh very happy. Wang Nan, former husband Wang Nan husband Baoqiang Wang micro-blog screenshot hair cut November 2nd at noon, Guo Bin micro-blog update, delete a suspected response, micro-blog said, "when some good people chasing you ask, why are you doing this! You should be honest with him, is to prevent you such a person?" For Guo Bin Baoqiang Wang micro-blog to delete the light of this matter, some netizens accused Guo Bin fell fast play too much, also the netizen said soothingly, "in the view of the eyes of outsiders, what do you care." Guo Bin then issued a document on the morning of 3, said: soon it will become the past, because it does not black and white, remember it! This once let you grow micro-blog memory……" Wang Nan husband screenshot micro-blog grilled deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: