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Sales The world of fabrics is changing day-by-day and equally advancing is the technology. To meet the needs of this ever changing world of fabrics, the textile machinery manufacturers are now using the innovative technologies to build faster and highly reliable textile machines which can produce better quality of fabrics at rapid rate. The machines used for weaving fabrics are generally known as weaving machines. Weaving machines are generally classified as shuttle weaving machines, circular weaving machines and narrow fabric weaving machines. The shuttle machines generally use shuttle for weaving through wefts and are mainly used for weaving silk fabrics where as circular machines mainly find their use in cotton weaving. The narrow fabric machines also known as needle looms or jacquard looms use an electronically controlled thread carrier or eye point needle for weaving purpose. In these needle looms the weft thread or the horizontal thread used for interlacing is carried through the shed by a long eye-pointed needle instead of by a shuttle. The needle looms available now-a-days are multiple use machines designed to weave high quality narrow fabrics like elastics, webbings, rigid tapes of cotton, nylon, satin fabrics and zipper tapes. These needle looms can also be equipped with mechanical jacquards or electronic jacquards to manufacture tapes as per ones requisite requirements. These tapes after manufacture are generally measured and wound into rolls or spools. This is done using measuring machines, spool winding machines and roll winding machines that are generally equipped with advanced automatic technologies for winding. The tapes without any tangle or twists can be festooned into carton boxes using machines called festooning machines. However before all this the basic step of any type of weaving is warping and beaming. In warping and beaming series of yarn beams are to be pre-produced for weaving. The machines used for this purpose are generally known as warping machines. There are different kinds of warping machines like sectional warping machines , drum warping machines, selvedge warping machines, ball warping machines, single end warping machines, direct warping machines etc. All these machines used for weaving narrow fabrics which can be used for different purposes and therefore used for applications in various industries like garment industry automotive industry, marine industry and in preparation of elastic tapes used for specialty purposes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: