Weather female anchor wearing wrong clothes to change invisible man (Figure)

Weather anchor woman wearing the wrong clothes become "invisible man" (Figure) original title: weather anchor woman wearing the wrong clothes become "invisible man" colleague handed jacket to save games in new network on 29 February, according to foreign media reports, the day before, the United States of Losangeles KTLA 5 television weather anchor woman Lee bathone Chen Zaibo time, wear? The bottom of a white coral dress pattern. As a result, the clothes into the weather map, she turned into "invisible man", but clever colleagues quickly took off the jacket jacket rescue. According to the report, on the same day, Li Tai obviously chose wrong clothes, because she stood before the weather map, found the map and the temperature are projected on her body. And she immediately discovered, "Oh, I have to change. Look at this. It’s awful."." The side of the male and female anchor anchor Boulos Romero was playing mobile phone, after hearing her voice to look back, followed shouted, "Oh, no". Boulos reacted quickly, and immediately took off his suit and saved the yard, and he personally helped Li Tai to wear it. When she got dressed, the scene immediately sounded music, and she danced with her. He also uploaded this interesting episode to the Internet and thanked his colleagues for "coat rescue"". Editor in chief: SN226

气象女主播穿错衣变“隐形人”(图)   原标题:气象女主播穿错衣变“隐形人” 同事递外套救场      中新网2月29日电 据外媒报道,日前,美国洛杉矶KTLA 5电视台气象女主播利贝泰?陈在播报时,穿了一袭白色底珊瑚图案的洋装。结果衣服融入气象图,把她变成了“隐形人”,好在机智的同事赶紧脱下西装外套救场。   据报道,当天,利贝泰显然选错衣服,因为她一站到气象图前,就发现地图和气温都投影在她身上。她也立刻发现说:“喔,我得换衣服,看看这个,真糟。”   一旁的男主播布洛斯和女主播罗梅洛原本在玩手机,听到她的声音后赶紧回头看,也跟着大叫,“喔,不”。   布洛斯反应很快,马上脱下西装外套救场,还亲自帮利贝泰穿上。当利贝泰穿上后,现场立刻响起音乐,她也配合着跳起舞来。   利贝泰随后也把这段有趣的插曲上传至网络,并感谢同事的“外套救援”。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: