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.puters-and-Technology Web designers in Los Angeles .monly utilize markup language when developing new web pages. Web design needs markup languages to develop script for web sites that allows designers to add content. Web sites are .monly created by a form of markup language that the web design team applies to give a web site a unique look. The web design industry in Los Angeles is one of the leading markets for web site development, and the evolution of mark up language is important to this industrys growth. A markup language is a database of edits to text that show how it is to be structured, laid out, or formatted. Markup languages have been applied for centuries, and in recent years have also been used in .puter typesetting and word-processing systems during web design. The term markup is derived from the historic publishing practice of "marking up"’ a manuscript, which involves using symbolic printer’s notes in the margins of a paper manuscript. For centuries, this duty was done primarily by talented typographers who were referred to as "markup men" that marked up text to identify which typeface, style, and size should be applied to each part, and then passed the manuscript to others for typesetting by hand. Markup was also .monly applied by editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers working for advertising agencies. A .mon example of manual markup symbols still in use is proofreader’s marks, which are a subset of larger vocabularies of manual markup symbols. In modern times, markup language is most .monly applied in web design firms. A .mon example of a markup language in use today in .puting is HyperText Markup Language (HTML), one of the protocols of the World Wide Web. HTML shares some of the markup conventions used in the publishing industry in the .munication of printed work between authors, editors, and printers. HTML is used to develop almost every web page found on the World Wide Web. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: