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Trucks I-80 Equipment of Colona, IL is proud to be a family owned business. The company has 17 years of experience in the heavy equipment dealership business and is more than qualified to bring you the best quality of equipment, brought to you by knowledgeable staff that focuses on one on one customer relationships. Their lines of fully refurbished trucks are guaranteed by the company, ensuring you, the customer, are happy and satisfied with your experience for years to come. I-80 Equipment is now expanding its volume and variety of equipment offerings to better fit your needs. In order to serve you better, I-80 Equipment has developed a comprehensive, easy to navigate website in order for you to view video and extremely detailed pictures of their heavy equipment offerings. Also offered are detailed descriptions of the step by step process of refurbishing their equipment offerings and honest testimonials by previous customers. As an added bonus, each and every one of I-80 Equipment’s offerings is operational and safely inspected by an independent inspector. They are now offering bucket trucks in several sizes, enabling you to get just the right piece of equipment for your business needs. The 29′-44′ Bucket Trucks now offered are designed specifically for light duty jobs. The Altec AT35G- 2004 Ford F550 Bucket Truck is now being discounted at a steep $6,000 savings. There is a wide selection of light duty trucks on sale now. For more information about light duty trucks, you can find them at .www.i80equipment.com/bucket-trucks-small.shtml Medium duty bucket trucks, between 46′-70′, are also being given an expanded selection. Not only is there more to choose from than ever, there are also savings available. For instance, the Altec TA40- 2001 Freightliner FL70 Bucket Truck is discounted by $5,000 for a final price of $27,500. That’s a pretty outstanding deal. For more information about medium duty trucks, you can find them at .www.i80equipment.com/bucket-trucks-medium.shtml I-80 Equipment is also offering 71′ + heavy duty bucket trucks in an expanding variety to choose from. Many of these trucks are low mileage, like new vehicles. You can easily view these offerings and much more with their live video feed. Fore heavy duty trucks, please follow this link: .www.i80equipment.com/bucket-trucks-large.shtml If you’re looking for a specific or unique truck just tell I-80 Equipment and they will start looking. After filling out a short form, their representative will contact you within 24 hours to keep you informed of their progress. To ease the buying process, I-80 Equipment also offers 100% financing at competitive rates to better facilitate your equipment purchase. To learn more about what I-80 Equipment has to offer, please stop by their website at ..i80equipment../index.shtml. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: