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Who had false school   Hunan province deputy governor candidates were disqualified — Education — people.com.cn original title: who had false Xinning Hunan deputy magistrate candidate school was disqualified in August 31st, Hunan Province, Shaoyang municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the relevant responsible person of the Chinese Youth Daily reporter in line? CY said, Shaoyang City, the new county development and Reform Bureau cold school problem has been to identify the impostor liqun. The morning of August 30th, the Shaoyang municipal Party committee decided to cancel the cold, Liqun deputy magistrate nomination, and the discipline violations to be dealt with. The "real name" reporting deputy magistrate candidate in August 25th 9, claiming to be "people Luming Jiang" said in the online real name, cold Liqun had malicious theft notice, fake his own name for school, fabrication of academic credentials, resume fraud. "Jiang Luming" said: "cold Liqun was born in 1974, to enter the Shaoyang NongJiao secondary school when he was 18, is actually graduated from high school, because of poor grades, no school, and the agricultural school in Shaoyang middle school graduates straight test." "Jiang Luming said," he didn’t know he was admitted to the Shaoyang agricultural school, notice and identity was stolen the name "cold Liqun, Jiang Luming" school to school. After graduating in 1995, the other went back to the "cold Liqun" name. The report said that around 1993, when he found out that the school was an imposter "but at that time because the sequence of events, Shaoyang agricultural school is not what good schools, so it is not the responsibility for cold liqun". The report said, he recently saw a cold to be promoted for Liqun Shaoyang municipal government website, angry and questioned: "such a theft of school students, was able to do the government deputy county. Don’t know how the future government officials such people?" The investigation group for sunning in August 31st, the Shaoyang municipal Party Committee Organization Department reporting center director and cadre supervision department responsible Luo Weihong told reporters details of the case after investigation. He said, in August 25th 9, responsible for Network Public Opinion Research Office of the Shaoyang municipal Party Committee Organization Department colleagues found the report cold Liqun post, immediately transferred to the Department of. The reporting center, cadre supervision department, research department is responsible for reporting to the leadership immediately. 11 pm the same day, the new County investigators drove to more than and 100 kilometers outside the investigation. To grasp the truth, the investigation group found directly Xinning County Organization Department, check the cold Liqun archives. A file of Jiang Luming "and" general secondary examination showed registration form ", the father of Jiang Juecai, brother of Jiang Luxin. The archives data show that in 1996, cold Liqun submitted the application report to the county Party Organization Department Name: because the young Pro aunt had no son, he had to make his son adoptive aunt, aunt after the birth of a child at the age of 10, he returned to my parents, so I hope to restore the original name. The report, as well as the local township government signed a letter of consent. Luo Weihong said that the report has aroused the concerns of the group, since the investigation is pro aunt, naturally and Leng Liqun the same surname, why still need to change your name? They went to the County Board of education overnight, check)相关的主题文章: