Why is it so cool Backpackers on the road zuczug

Why so cool Backpackers yiyanbuge on the road | the west fork seven to eleven, is the find a place to see "mountain people mountain sea". Well, one reading Eagle playfully said, I just don’t like you. Don’t stop me, I’m going to be a backpacker. Is it true that the Great Wall Backpackers really carry people with their shoulders? Backpackers literally translated into the English word "Backpacker", in 1990 Pearce (Pearce) first proposed, although Backpack generally translated into "backpack", but it really does not only refer to those who carry a backpack. Carrying a large bag of work every day, one reading eagle, is not considered a backpacker’s team. The pack on the back, the saying goes, with the similar street way long-distance travel, is a backpacker’s self-cultivation. Then the road is not good to learn history when Backpackers, in addition to self-cultivation not enough, history did not learn, let one reading Eagle make up to you. Generally, the origin of modern backpacker travel way is called "Grand Tour" in the 1660-1840 years of the European aristocracy travel, when European society rich, or funded by the young people will choose to travel, social awareness, increase knowledge, experience of adult independence and freedom. Rousseau’s "Confessions" has repeatedly described his journey. Later, with the arrival of the industrial revolution and the perfect holiday system, more and more European workers with a suitcase or backpack tour across the United States, the other side of the ocean scenery, modern tourism industry began to rise. By the end of nineteenth Century, the industrial revolution makes Germany appear differentiation old class, in the industrialization can not get rich, "and stick to the moral education" of the social elite while the new class despised the windfall, lamented the loss of collective nostalgia aside from my comfort. They are concerned about the whole nation’s happiness and the future, so the society gradually appeared a kind of "youth worship" thought that "only the youth, we can find a new way in the past has kutami". "The world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis it is yours." At that time the German Youth "deliver the goods to set off a" migratory movement". In 1896, a man named Herman Hoffman? The students with a group of students to hiking roaming, their footsteps throughout Germany, but also through the Pommer forest. This trend has gradually attracted many young germans. Although their original intention is to oppose modernity, return to nature, but they are in the "life meaning" roaming in nature that has become a modern Backpackers first H "save oneself, hold travel stick, to find you that have lost the natural and honest." "To spend leisure time in a friendly and enjoyable way, to awaken to the natural senses." These calls now seem to be burning". By the late 60s and 70s, the legendary Hippie can be said to be a modern backpack)相关的主题文章: