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Travel-and-Leisure With development of tourism as an industry and the soaring influx of travelers, starting a taxi cab rental agency can be a very rewarding experience. Greater Portland transportation industry is highly .petitive but good understanding of the industry and the right planning can lead to huge earnings. One of the foremost things to consider while starting a Southern Maine cab service is the type of rental agency; fully owned or a franchise. It can also either be a contract hire agency where vehicles are leased for a specified period of time or daily hire where customers opt for hire for short durations. The agency could also provide end to end fleet management services for corporate organizations. Next, selecting the fleet is key to running a good taxi cab rental business. Since travelers today have various reasons to hire a Portland Maine taxi cab , it would be advantageous if the fleet included all types of taxi cabs – from hatchbacks to SUVs, sports taxi cabs to luxury sedans, mini-vans to pickup trucks. In order to minimize risk, it would be advisable to take vehicles on lease than outright purchase them. Initially, the fleet can be small and once it starts doing good business, the agency can consider upgrading. Selecting the perfect location to start the business is also critical. Considerable research should be done on Jetport transportation to study the market and .petition. Developing a USP for the agency would also be crucial at this stage. In order to increase awareness and build a brand reputation, Southern Maine cab service can opt for the right advertising and offer good rental deals to customers. Providing Portland taxis at airports, major hotels and train stations would create good visibility of the brand. It is imperative for the start up agency to invest in taxi cab insurance. Considerable research needs to be done to find the appropriate insurance policy at the best price. An annual insurance policy with good flexibility is a good option to consider. Also, it would be advisable to have good technology and systems in place to ensure on-time and efficient delivery of PWM taxis. Investing in good backend technology for easy bookings would go a long way. Efficient and experienced people should be hired to manage day to day operations. The staff should have good .munication skills and should be courteous and warm towards customers. Investing in good GPS technology would ensure passenger safety and would also help in tracking and finding a cab. Finally, building and maintaining a good website would create good awareness with the general public. Most people prefer booking a Portland Maine taxi cab online as it is easy, quick and available 24×7. Having a user-friendly website with a proper online booking engine and easy navigation would ensure customer satisfaction. The website should be dynamic in nature and should be capable of handling real time customer inquiries and service requests. As a startup, offering rental deals and discount vouchers on the website would also create good brand loyalty among customers. Maine taxi rental is a demanding industry that requires ample amount of effort and .mitment. With good preparation and the right attitude, start ups can look at reaping the benefits of a successful and profitable business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: