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Entrepreneurialism In 2004, India manufactured just a minuscule amount of 500,000 wine cases, but today, it has crossed the swashbuckling figure of 1.5 million. Wine making its way into the hearts and homes of young India in general and corporate India in particular may be a recent phenomenon; however, wine production has been going on in India for a fairly long time. Say, for instance Indage since 1986, Grover since 1992 and Sula since 1999. In the earlier years, the wine manufacturing and supplying in India were confined to the states of Goa and Golconda. It 1986 Indage unveiled its first wine product Marquise de Pampadour- but popularized it as Indian Champagne because Indians per se had no idea of wine during those days. Three years later, Grover launched its wine brand and in the process gave some stiff competition to Indage, but it was the entry of Sula that helped redefine Indias wine landscape. Sula raised the bar by not just introducing better quality wines, but marketing their wines with a professional touch. At present there are almost 50 odd wine manufacturers and suppliers in Maharashtra. By 2010, 10 additional manufacturing units will be set up in Karnataka. And the ever-increasing number of wine brands manufactured in India could warrant an annual competition, to sort out the wine from the vinegar, say industry experts. In 2004, India manufactured just a minuscule amount of 500,000 cases, but today it has crossed the figure of 1.5 million. Though meltdown has erased Indages identity, but Sula is climbing up the ladder first and today it is the largest wine company in India and has reportedly sold around 300,000 cases this year. However, the best part being the increase in volumes hasnt affected its quality so far. At the recent Sommelier India Wine Competition, of the five Indian wines, three brands were of Sula. The brands that bagged the top position include: the Sauvignon Blanc, Dindori Reserve Shiraz and Riesling. The good news being, Sula has even come with wine brands to attract customers at the bottom of the pyramid. Today, its wine portfolio is filled with quality yet inexpensive brands like Port 1000 @ 100-150; Samara @ Rs.200 -250; and Mosaic @Rs 250-300. Interesting enough liquor baron Vijay Mallya also seems to be aggressively focusing on the India wine industry and is strategizing to be the number 1 in the next 5 to 10 years. His company UB group is already No.1 in the beer and spirits. Given the companys deep pockets, heavy investments in production and the strong distribution muscle, the company should be able to achieve its target at its earliest. However, at the International Food & Drink Expo at Delhi, it was surprising to know that entry of wine was forbidden. Delhi excise during last minute arrangements had asked the organizers not to exhibit wines registered in Delhi. Does it make sense? I dont know. What I know about wines is that they are low alochol products and promoting it in the public arena wont cause any harm. .made-from-india.. is a leading B2B portal from India and one if its top-notch services include extensive trade directory services. The directory has listed top food and beverage product suppliers, manufacturers and exporters based in India About the Author: 相关的主题文章: