Word of mouth is very important to buy these joint venture car did not regret (video) mia farrow

Word of mouth is very important that these joint venture car to buy a car does not regret the popularity of the car has become a necessity in the era of transportation, the people of the vehicle lineage cognition is no longer so strong. Chinese automotive market demand huge and unique situation with the joint venture brand competition, creating a complex distribution of automotive products: when the mass JETTAMK5, introduced domestic MK6 (ginseng, renamed Sagitar pictures, inquiry) after MK4 (ginseng, pictures, Bora, Jetta (inquiry) MK2 ginseng,. Still, the inquiry) continue to sell at the same time make only superficial changes to hack but also with Volkswagen Lavida (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and new Santana (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) family bucket butt; blue bird (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and new Sylphy (ginseng, pictures, inquiry the competition must be in full swing), while quietly selling classic Sylphy; and Hideo Weilang doesn’t know, Excelle (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) is still not low amount of walking. For most consumers, affordable, to meet the demand, but also the brand LOGO is a good car. But there is such a part of you, they have a deep understanding of the love of the brand, they have witnessed the development of China car, they buy a car is the value of the models of the lineage of the inheritance, they pursue is lacking in a large amount of information, fast rhythm of social things: feelings. Today, the author wants to find out the four roots of red seedlings are pure blood compact joint venture car three cars, they are walking in the forefront of their own brand of compact cars in front of the legitimate successor. MAGOTAN, Mondeo, speed, a good performance? Look at the intense driving will know the author selected four models for the FAW Volkswagen, Changan Mazda (micro-blog) angkesaila three car, the new Changan Ford Fawkes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) three car and SAIC Chevrolet Cruze (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) three car. In order to reflect the status of these pure pedigree of the players, we have chosen to compare the top of the car. The final four contestants were: "2017 FAW Volkswagen 280TSI DSG flagship type", "2016 Changan Mazda angkesaila (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) three car 2.0L automatic flagship", "2017 new Changan Ford Fawkes three car EcoBoost180 automatic flagship", "2017 SAIC Chevrolet Cruze three car 1.4T DCG leading edition". The following table for comparison of their price: price comparison models MSRP (million) 2017 FAW Volkswagen Jetta 280TSI DSG 18.582016 flagship Changan Mazda angkesaila three car 15.992017 flagship 2.0L auto Changan Ford new Fawkes three car 16.582017 flagship EcoBoost180 auto SAIC Chevrolet Cruze three car 1.4T DCG leading edition 16.99 (a) compared to 2017 appearance of FAW Volkswagen 280TSI D.相关的主题文章: