Wuxi man stole his father-in-law’s money squandered concerns scandalous family silence yuria

Wuxi man stole his father-in-law’s money squandered concerns scandalous family silence (evening news reporter Nian Louwen) reporter yesterday from the Turtle Head Islet police station learned that the police cracked the case value of about one hundred thousand yuan theft in National Day holiday. Surprising is that the suspect was actually the owner home son-in-law. September 28th, Xiaoping (a pseudonym) to the police station, said her parents were a thief, passbook and jewelry and other valuables have been stolen. The police to the scene that day of the incident, Xiaoping’s parents are helping Xiaoping children, Xiaoping back home to change the jewelry, unexpectedly found nearly 50 thousand yuan worth of gold take wings to itself while there are missing, ID card and passbook two, a total of more than 13 yuan deposit passbook. Thieves generally put the target on jewelry and cash, rarely take the passbook away, the police may be an acquaintance of the crime. After inquiry, found that the money on the passbook has been taken two times through the bank counter to take away, the money is the husband of Xiaoping xu. The survey, Xu idle, no legitimate work, before the hands is not too clean, before the wedding he stole over mother-in-law 5000 yuan, and after finishing the wedding opportunists from father-in-law stole 8000 yuan. Xiaoping family found, taking into account the Xiaoping just married, but the amount is not too large, there is no secret. In July this year, Xu said to go out to find a friend to play, go out after missing, until the incident did not come back. And Xiaoping in the report, only to learn that money and jewelry were actually taken away by xu. October 4th, the police station in the vicinity of a railway station arrested xu. The investigation, Xu jewelry sold and removed more than 130 thousand yuan, went to Danyang, has been in Wuxi, but has refused to go home, lying to my wife that in something. A package for a hotel room, often clubbing, break the pale, was arrested by the police, he who has no money, to the Internet via mobile phone loan to buy something to eat. The police think that Xu’s behavior is too harsh, but Xu and owner are related, how the follow-up processing also need to listen to the opinions of family members. Currently, Xu was arrested on suspicion of theft by criminal detention.相关的主题文章: