Xiantao woman because of illegal access to information of citizens detained by the police cashmere mafia

Xiantao woman because of illegal access to information of citizens were detained in the first half of last year, Hubei Xiantao woman Wu in Jingzhou opened a company dedicated to the recommended stocks, to divided into profit. During the period, although the interests of investors and their cooperation, but also a loss, to the police alarm. The day before, Wu suspicion of illegal access to personal information of citizens were arrested. In late July last year, Hubei Province, Jingzhou city Jingzhou District Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm Dongcheng area residents, said he cheated. The police asked that the victim was a shareholder, after Shenzhen received claiming to be a private company’s phone, the other said the company is "God", can not lose the recommended stock, if interested in cooperation, only need to share in the profits on the line. On the other side of the lobby, the heart, buy each other to provide stock, can be the ultimate loss of thousands of yuan, while the other is to keep the stock first, a few days will be pulled. Aware of being cheated, so come to the police. After the alarm, through careful investigation, found that the private company did not in Shenzhen, and in Jingzhou, a district of a house, the company was founded in three months, the legal representative is Wu, together with the operator management, a total of nearly 20 people, the number of Shenzhen but they had bought the phone card they are in the information, investors bought online. Subsequently, the police rushed to the company, arrested 7 people, including 2 people management, 5 human operator, Wu fled, was listed as online fugitives. Recently, the police successfully found Wu appeared in Hunan, Loudi, and then rushed to the local, will be arrested. After the trial, the suspect Wu of illegal access to personal information of citizens confessed to the crime. It is reported that Wu fled to Hunan, Loudi, holding the chance to continue to play a private. At present, the suspect Wu has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed. For more information please pay attention to [Chu Xiantao] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: