Xinhua News Agency Yang Xiuzhu to the rest of the Sohu can not run – Comments

Xinhua News Agency: Yang Xiuzhu to the rest of the Sohu can not run the comment Yang Xiuzhu in. 16, 2009, this has been said to die in the United States, hundreds of red men, the most wanted man, after returning home in flight for 13 years. Although before fleeing, Yang Xiuzhu made careful preparations, arranged early main immigrant relatives overseas, or even directly in the overseas bribery; while after the escape, Yang Xiuzhu was hiding in Holland, Singapore, Canada, the United States and other countries. Dragnet, she eventually could not escape legal sanctions. Yang Xiuzhu justice, once again that the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to insist on opposing corruption, greed will have Su, and never let go unpunished corrupt attitude and firm determination, proving once again that the overseas is not outside the law, the flight is not the way, corrupt to hide in the "avoid sin paradise is fond dream. Yang Xiuzhu justice is an important achievement of Sino US anti-corruption law enforcement cooperation. Show us a series of cases in case of Yang Xiuzhu on the successful practice of law enforcement cooperation, corruption is the common enemy of the international community, with "zero tolerance" and "zero vulnerability" and "zero barrier" principle to carry out anti-corruption law enforcement cooperation has increasingly become an international consensus, the international community anti-corruption law enforcement cooperation more fruitful. Yang Xiuzhu justice shows that in terms of anti-corruption laws China cooperation with the international community is deepening, the goal of consistency, coordinated action against corruption force increasing, Chinese government will continue to work with relevant countries, as will the flight of corruption brought to justice unremitting efforts. The same as the previous Yang Xiuzhu, still in the fantasy and lucky flight of the people should be sober at this moment. China government corruption has spread to the global nets above and snares below, once violated party discipline, who can not escape. In the pursuit of international anti-corruption action with vigour and vitality, the first man Yang Xiuzhu not returning to surrender, will not be the last one. The Chinese Communist Party’s determination to eradicate corruption has never wavered and will never waver. Yang Xiuzhu arrested again, even farther, go away again for a long time, but still hiding justice. The case of Yang Xiuzhu, corrupt officials fled overseas are still all without exception. (reporter Luo Yufan)相关的主题文章: