Xinzheng 9 year old girl propped up a home to cook laundry late at night to do homework lm3886

Xinzheng 9 year old girl propped up a home to cook dinner late in the evening to write homework, many children are still immersed in the dream, Fan Xiaomeng, a 9 year old has begun a day of busy. At about 6, she got up and made breakfast for her mother. She went to school by bus. After school and hurried home, cooking, washing clothes. She didn’t begin to do her homework until late at night…… It’s hard to imagine that this is the daily life of a 9 year old child. Mother sick, 9 year old girl in the house, we received a phone call from a primary school teacher in Xinhua Road, he told us that Xiao Meng family difficulties, I hope the association can help her love, to grant." Charity Association official Wang Jianwei told reporters, after receiving the news, the volunteers of the association and the clown fish to dream home to understand the situation, and sent to the love of goods and materials, and sent to the love of the material, and sent to the love of the material, and sent to the. It is understood that Fan Xiaomeng is the fourth grade primary school students in Xinhua Road city of Xinzheng, in September this year, transferred from Zhengzhou jinshuiqu. My parents divorced, her mother Fan Shuxia, earlier this year, Fan Shuxia was diagnosed with severe neurological venous thrombosis. Two legs out of action. Seriously ill in bed, eating and sleeping are needed someone to take care of. The task falls on the 9 year old daughter. In September 24th, the reporter saw Xiao Meng in a Hutong, thin and small arms, dark skin, wearing a large pink shirt, wearing a high ponytail, the body looks a bit malnourished. She told reporters, in the alley in front of a makeshift Tin House is her home. See inside, a small room on the left side of the door, put cooking pots and bowls on the right is a bed, mom was lying on top of Shuxia fan. There was a tricycle parked in the middle, with a few tomatoes and a bag of onions in it, not even a decent chair. Fan Shuxia was suffering from the skinny legs, not moving, just lie there and talk to us, "hundreds of thousands of Yuan surgery I can not get out, only to go home to take medicine to ease the pain. Before the legs can ride a tricycle to the street repair repair, one day earn fifty or sixty dollars. I can’t do anything now. I need someone to take care of it. Charity Association and love people sent love "the age of the children at home with my parents, but their dream to turn around, hold up the house. Really sad and distressed." Volunteer clown fish said. After understanding the situation Xiao Meng, Charity Association took out 1000 yuan to help Xiao Meng. On the same day, 2 people love also sent 1500 yuan love money, to help ease the difficult dream to complete their studies. Said the sad, miserable dream cry, charity Volunteer Association aunts embrace she settled down. For the dream, and mom, zaikuzailei also happy. See everyone to help, she was very grateful: even if it is very hard, I will not easily give up learning, I will not live up to everyone’s expectations." Xinzheng times Li Xianwen text相关的主题文章: