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Yibin two men fight affray people detained girlfriend Sichuan online Yibin news channel (Han Chengjun) for his girlfriend, the two men actually invite people fighting in the crowded Trade Center crowd. Recently, Yibin Nanxi District Public Security Bureau cracked affray case, arrested the suspect Liu, Sohn, Zhang, Hou, Cao et al. In August 24th 21, Nanxi District Yi Luo Longzhen brawl case East Trade City, involving more than 20 people, many people were injured. The case occurred in the crowded business center, a large number of participants, and most of the participants are students in the school, the nature of the bad, great impact. To solve the case as soon as possible, the police cancelled all leave, devote to the investigation of the case. Through unremitting efforts, the case recently can be solved. The investigation, August 24th morning, the suspect Liu, Sohn for fighting for his girlfriend conflict, two people put forward to resolve the matter in Luo long night. 8 o’clock that night, Liu Zhang and other party invitations contact nearly 20 people (including more than 10 students), Sohn party invitations houmou, Jo et al, the two sides to negotiate in Yidong Trade City, verbal conflict occurred in the negotiation process, which caused the fight. Both sides using bricks, mop, pottery shards were gang fights, causing many people were injured. At present, the primary staff Liu, Sohn, Zhang, Hou, Cao and others have been detained according to law, the case is under further investigation. (text characters pseudonym) read: Luzhou two men fighting one death caused by the police: suspects have Xingju Nanchong 11 minors school gate of affray, a man who is Panzhihua procuratorate discipline check out first fight three years for Dazhou sixty elderly for drunk and fights others smashed BMW gambling losses dissatisfaction with the poker meet Yingshan man was arrested for affray.相关的主题文章: