Yokohama rubber products to carry out the second phase of the Millennium forest &quot ” cancam

Yokohama rubber products to carry out the second phase of the " Millennium forest; " November 4th, ruckus hallmark Rubber Co. Ltd. Hangzhou ruckus hallmark rubber products Co., Ltd., the new plant in Hangzhou City Jiangdong industrial agglomeration area, ushered in the second phase of the YOKOHAMA Millennium tree planting. Hangzhou Yokohama rubber products Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager Mr. Nishida Miyuki, led the 115 factory employees in the factory area planted 6 trees and 1000 saplings, planting area of about 200 square meters. As chairman of the Hangzhou Yokohama rubber products Co. Ltd. and general manager Mr. Nishida Miyuki of Hangzhou Yokohama rubber products Co. Ltd. is the original Yokohama sealing materials (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. and Yokohama (Hangzhou) hose fittings Ltd. was established after the merger, the company set research and development, manufacturing, sales, use of sealing materials, building machinery hose, electronic packaging materials and adhesives etc. the main production car. July 2015 has been officially put into operation. The picture shows the Hangzhou ruckus hallmark rubber products Co. Ltd. "Millennium forest" photo of this activity is to follow the well-known Japanese plant scholar Professor Miya Wakiaki advocated "the construction of local forest" concept, the factory staff to capture local species cultivated seedlings, carefully selected, will be the most suitable for the local soil species of trees planting in the factory. "YOKOHAMA Millennium forest" will continue to develop, it is not only an important measure to improve the ecological environment, beautify the environment, but also YOKOHAMA (Yokohama) a practical action to local communities and residents to give back a matter of conscience for enterprise development. [about "YOKOHAMA Millennium forest"] Yokohama rubber follow the "absolute trust to become the social environment of the earth to contribute to the enterprise" this concept of CSR, a long-term business plan in the year 2006 in the new (GD100) put forward the basic principle of "a contribution to enterprise’s top level of environmental protection. In 2007, the "Millennium forest planting activities in the global production base, goal is to 2017, the group’s 100 anniversary, in all domestic and foreign factories and sales related positions of 500 thousand tree planting, as of the end of the event, in the global total has reached more than 440 thousand tree planting. The implementation of "YOKOHAMA Millennium forest", the factory’s environmental protection measures not only stay in the emissions to the minimum standards, further explore how the factory to make a positive contribution to the local environmental protection. Built in "forest" in the factory, not only can absorb carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases to prevent global warming, in case of fire and earthquake disaster prevention, but also to provide shelter and rest places, obtains the good effect in the environment, safety and comfort.相关的主题文章: