Zhang Shuai for the first time into the net in the quarter finals after the game was controversial –homefront

Zhang Shuai for the first time into the net in the quarter finals after the game was controversial – English respondents Beijing last night, held in Beijing China tennis tournament in 18 finals, China tennis Jinhua sister "Zhang Shuai after the beginning of the Australian Open once again hit the tournament No. 4 seed, Romania champion, by 6-0, Zhang Shuai Lepp, the final score of 6-3 upset over Halep is currently ranked fifth in the world, into the net in the top 8, Zhang Shuai also made his personal best record in the net. Zhang Shuai for the first time finalists in eight, she will play the first UK singles Contador in 14 finals, which beat the US Open runner up Price Kurkovva Ka-. Halep in the first serve in the double error, which also indicates that Halep’s state is flat. Sure enough halep two rounds of fatigue, Zhang Shuai successfully opened the successful break. With the rapid expansion of home court support Zhang Shuai victory, a sister of the first serve Chinese lost only 2 points, did not give Halep any mobile phone will. Halep will serve to hand over, Zhang Shuai cashed 3 break, 6 straight games to win the first set to send eggs. Game into the second set of Halep state briefly rebounded, Romania even with a record breaking 2-0 with the opening of the score. However, with the deepening of the game, Zhang Shuai secures the position to kill the opponent’s counterattack, halep handing down quickly. China Jinhua successive break back, take a 5-3 lead into the ball game. The last time Halep go, Zhang Shuai made a stable state of mind to resolve the opponent break point, Chinese Jinhua Paul made the score in 6-3. Zhang Shuai to win promotion gratifying, but after Zhang Shuai in a live interview was asked to say English, it also caused some controversy in the game. Although Zhang Shuai did not have an interview with English, but to know that the scene is sitting in the audience of 80% Chinese, in this case, the question of whether it is appropriate to use English? Of course, taking into account the foreign audience in order to take care of the scene, you can ask questions in Chinese, and then translate it is no problem, whether it should be taken care of the audience to buy tickets to watch? These questions are also hot after the game, after the interview is the use of English or Chinese? Admittedly, the net is an international event, to promote the tournament will take care of the audience all over the world, but also in the game fans Tucao, China or China players, with Chinese interview better, if foreigners do not understand, the host can be translated. Net body相关的主题文章: