Zhang Yunjing was a poor mouth everywhere did not want to gain sympathy drop dead diva

Zhang Yunjing was a poor mouth everywhere: did not want to win the sympathy of Zhang Yunjing Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported Zhang Yunjing [micro-blog]30 on Facebook for "4 years of idle eat millions of capital" said to explain, because she heard appeared publicly "around the poor mouth whisper, she said only 3 thousand yuan is not account waste caused by but investment in his body, including guitar, writing songs, exercise to increase lung capacity, not in their own. In addition, although the outside world that show very substantial income, but Zhang Yunjing revealed the fact that her sincere words and earnest wishes, income needs 11 minutes to brokers, production companies, record companies, et al, really finally got only a part of the income of only about 4 years, so the income question, she is the truth in the report, this is her choice life: to love music to fight again, finally also revealed that the fans care about feelings, so I decided to stand up and explain "believe that people will understand understand." Zhang Yunjing face book full text: I left 3000 of the account, not wasted. "4 years old to eat millions of idle." Four years of 1 million, a year of 250 thousand, a month of about 20 thousand, I think I was saving. In the past years of the income, the outside world is very good, but in fact every show to my hands really amount is not much, there are several contracts signed before the game is divided into, brokers, then production companies, as well as the last record company, layers down, my income is really there’s only so much. This four years, I said that I was not idle, appeared on the screen, not too many performance means. These four years I continue to learn guitar, writing songs, and exercise to increase lung capacity not let asthma become a stumbling block to me, I tried to strengthen myself, although I have not say how much progress, but I am very serious. Everyone can make choices for their future. I do not have the income of the moment, I can have two choices: to find a job no longer sing a song in order to love the music of their own, and then fight once again, 1, and so on! Finally, I chose the latter. I decided to use my savings to try again! The result of the effort, that is, the 96 album to be released. I have no full mouth, these reports, because last week were interviewed in the four years of income, I just to report. If this is the mouth, that was I should choose a lie? But I don’t want to. I want to say something. But no one can say I chose the wrong, because this is my choice. I went to the British Glastonbury trip, because I was told, this is a rare music festival, as a musician should look to listen to the concert, all kinds of music to the baptism of time, so she took me to go to England, I was refused, her back to me: "you don’t feel shy. Because I was in my investment artist." We even made a MV for me in england. So, I am not their mouth, no money to go abroad to play". These things do not have the so-called news explosion point, so the news headlines will not, the news content will not have. But, I finished the whole paper.相关的主题文章: