Zhang Zhibing nominated 2016 Chinese cultural industry xpphone

Zhang Zhibing nominated "2016 Chinese cultural industry person of the year" in the reform of the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of finance, the central office of the Cultural Heritage Office of the guidance and the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration and other relevant departments to support, organized by the Guangming Daily "2016 China cultural industry person of the year" selection activities, has been widespread concern in cultural industry recognition and the whole society. After the expert panel recommendation, the local competent department of cultural industry recommendation, Guangming Daily reporter station around the network channels such as the recommendation and recommendation recommended the organizing committee to collect hundreds of representative in the cultural industry of the candidates according to the selection criteria, expert judges to determine the list of 100 candidates on November 14th trial. As the only feature of the text of the exchange industry, the general manager of the southern cultural exchange Zhang Zhibing nominated candidates. Adhering to the "fair value creation, culture and leading the future" business philosophy, since the southern culture exchange was established, based on culture, science and technology and make full use of the financial means, breakthrough created a "new cultural commodity trading model culture + Internet plus finance", and again in 2016 to achieve over 200 billion transactions, the development of power culture financial times. Director, general manager, Guangdong southern cultural property exchange. The Chinese culture promotion society cultural property market cooperation vice chairman, deputy director of the Committee of Hong Kong and Macao culture to promote the cultural, the NLD Central Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Committee, visiting professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, Zhongshan University Business College Tutor, Chinese art integrity development foundation vice chairman and Secretary general. China’s new leader in the economy, the Chinese art industry leader, China Art wealth management leader and other honors. It is reported that Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin, China Film Group Chairman La Peikang, Shan Jixiang, Dean of the Imperial Palace museum founder Jia Yueting LETV, China Hangzhou G20 summit theatrical director Zhang Yimou, Wang Changtian, President of Limited by Share Ltd, Alibaba of Beijing light media entertainment group chairman Yu Yongfu, the logic of thinking brand founder Luo Zhenyu, founder of the movie star pictures, "Mermaid" director Stephen Chow and other industry leaders are included in the list of candidates. Another understanding, the activities will be combined with expert voting, reference network voting results, resulting in a list of 30 candidates and publicity. After the third round of expert review and voting, will eventually determine the 2016 annual China cultural industry figure in the year 10". Sina collection cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values WJS相关的主题文章: